Prepar3D/FSX scenery

Chile FSX/P3D

flag-chile2x Aeropuerto El Tepual SCTE FSX/P3D

Vulcan Calbuco, Geothermal effects.

Contains volcano Calbuco photoreal geothermal effect with Internacional Airport El Tepual SCTE.(159.1MB)
Download Mega link FSX/P3D SCTE


flag-chile2x Ciudad Puerto Montt Photorealista + Marcel Marchant La Paloma SCPFPuerto Montt photoreal.jpgVulcán OsornoVULCÁN OSORNO geoactivityAeropuerto Marcel Marchant SCPF

Contains Puerto Montt City photoreal with Osorno volcano geothermal effect plus Aerodrome Marcel Marchant La Paloma SCPF.(155.4MB)
Download  Mega link FSX/P3D SCPF


flag-chile2x Vulcán VilaRRica + Pucón Airport SCPCPucón Vulcán VillaRicaPucón Airport SCPC

Contains volcano VillaRRica photoreal geothermal effect with Pucón Airport SCPC. 33.390KB
Mega link FSX/P3D SCPC


flag-chile2x   Coihaique Aeropuerto Teniente Vidal SCCY
Still in the Volcanos area, Coyhaique has a very peculiar geography by the famous “Piedra del Indio” Indian stone.

Mega Link Download  SCCY FSX P3D


flag-chile2x    Bonus Pack  Pichoy Airport SCVD FSX/P3D (New)

Download Mega link Pichoy FSX/P3D SCVD


flag-chile2x  SCIE Carriel Sur International Airport in the region of Concepción. 

Concepcion final version is finally available!
I think it is now satisfactory, take the test and you tell me. Total 12638KB

Download Mega Link Concepcion FSX/P3D SCIE


flag-chile2x  Balmaceda Airport SCBA

Mega link Balmaceda FSX/P3D SCBA


flag-chile2x  La Araucanía Airport SCQP P3D/FSX. (Exclusivo 3D Model Brasil)
The airport was inaugurated in 2014 so it is not stock FSX and P3D airports.

Mega link La Araucanía FSX/P3D SCQP


flag-chile2x  Aeropuerto de Osorno Cañal Bajo SCJO

Download Mega link Osorno FSX/P3D SCJO


flag-chile2x      Aeropuerto Mocopulli SCPQ

Download Mega link Mocopolli FSX/P3D SCPQ


flag-chile2x     Aeropuerto Futaleufu (SCTF)

Download Mega link Futaleufu FSX/P3D SCFT



flag-chile2x  Punta Arenas Airport SCCI

Mega link Punta Arenas SCCI