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flag-brazil2x Brazil XP (11)

flag-somalia2x Somalia XP (6)

flag-pakistan2x Pakistan XP (1)

flag-colombia2x Colombia XP (1)

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 Paraguay XP (1)

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flag-bolivia2x  Bolivia, Aeropuerto Internacional de Uyuni SLUY Xplane New!

No extra library required / Included Ortho

Download Mega link SLUY Xplane


flag-chile2x  Chile, Aeropuerto de Pucón – SCPC Xplane

No extra library required

Included Ortho

Download Mega link Pucon XPLANE SCPC


flag-pakistan2x Pakistan,  K2 Advanced Base Camp X  Helicopter (New) 

Help transport materials and supplies to the brave climbers who face the most risky summit of all,  the second highest in the world after Everest peak (8848m).
The journey begins in Islamabad Pakistan, arriving at Skardu which is the last airport before the dreaded Karacorum road to the Concordia advanced base camp (4800m)

 K2 with its (8611m) and smaller brother right in front of it, Broad Peak (8051m). They are on the list of the 5 highest mountains.           ICAO K2ABC 

Library Required   CDB Library  The Handy Objects Library 

Included Ortho

Download Mega link  K2 Xplane


flag-chile2x   Aeropuerto de Pichoy – SCVD Xplane

No extra library required

Slide1.PNG.b5475c5e0db4e3079ae4955f80bdb7b1.PNG OFFICIAL SCENERY VATSIM AIR RALLY

Included Ortho and Autogates

Download Mega Link Pichoy Xplane SCVD


flag-chile2x Chile, Aeropuerto El Tepual SCTE Xplane (New)

Ortho + Autogates

Required libraries   CDB Library   AR_Library          

Slide1.PNG.b5475c5e0db4e3079ae4955f80bdb7b1.PNG OFFICIAL SCENERY VATSIM AIR RALLY

Check local photos.

Download Mega link El Tepual Xplane SCTE


flag-chile2x  Chile, Aeropuerto  Marcel Marchant La Paloma – SCPF Xplane

No extra library required

Included Ortho

Download Mega link Marcel Marchant La Paloma  SCPF XPLANE


flag-brazil2x  SJGK Helicentro / Helicopter Base Rio de Janeiro XPlane

Hangar with two types of animation, Fast opening Door animation, just up and down the elevator trim. Or using the Sam´s Plugin and selecting hangar 40s. They work simultaneously or separately.  (Check the local photos here)

Hangar com dois tipos de animação, Abertura rápida apenas  acionando  o elevator trim para cima ou para baixo ou usando o Plugin Sam e selecionando hangar 40s. Funcionam juntos ou separados

Required libraries : MisterX Library   CDB Library  The Handy Objects Library

 Fast opening door animation and open and close Sam´s pluging in same hangar! Included Ortho

Download Mega Link Helicentro SJGK Xplane


flag-brazil2x Aeródromo JLEM – Luís Eduardo Magalhães – BA SNJL Xplane

Bibliotecas: Mister X /the Handy OBJ/ CDB_lib

Included Ortho

Download Mega Link Luis Eduardo Magalhaes JLEM X

flag-colombia2x  Colombia, Aeropuerto La Nubia SKMZ Xplane

Considered the more difficult landings of Colombia, for those looking for challenges, this certainly makes any Captain sweat.
located in the city of Manizales, in the department of Caldas. It has one of the small airstrips of the country, making it impossible for medium or large aircraft to arrive, so a new airport project is being developed for the region called the International Coffee Airport in a municipality near the city.
This first version I decided not to model the buildings and use only the libraries because the airport is in Extencion and reforms, will soon change some characteristics that I intend to improve in the second version.

Bibliotecas: Mister X /the Handy OBJ/ CDB_lib

Included Ortho

DownLoad Mega Link La Nubia X SKMZ


flag-brazil2x CNP Boituva Centro Nacional de Paraquedismo Xplane SDOI V2

Included high performance parachute animated! OB_Library It´s not required in Boituva scenery.  

Required libraries   MisterX Library   CDB Library  The Handy Objects Library   AR_Library  (OPENSCENERYX.ZIP) (I recommend the use of it  Enhanced Lights 1.5, it is a fantastic improvement for the night lights. Included Ortho

Download Mega link Boituva Xplane SDOI V2



flag-brazil2x SDPA Portobello Resort Aeroporto de Mangaratiba RJ incluso Fazenda Bom Jardim. Xplane

Bibliotecas usadas: The handy obj/ MisterX Lib/CDB LIB/ OpensceneryX/AR_Library

Included Ortho

Download Mega link SDPA Portobello Xplane



flag-brazil2x  Aeroporto de Lençóis – Coronel Horácio de Matos, Lençóis – BA SBLE  Xplane

Bibliotecas  MisterX Library   CDB Library  AR_ Lib  Included Ortho


flag-brazil2x Aeroporto de Mucuge, Bahia Brazil SNQU Xplane

Novidade! Hangar que abre e fecha portas!  Acione elevator trim up para a porta do hangar abrir e elevator trim down para fechar. (Experimental hangar opens and closes doors. To open the door, press elevator trim up and  to close press elevator trim down!) Included Ortho.

Bibliotecas em uso baixe aqui OpensceneryX Library   CDB Library MisterX Library

Download Mega Link Mucuge X BA SNQU

flag-somalia2x  Somalia,  Mogadishu Xplane Airport Aden Abdulle International HCMM

Included Old Terminal, Military Objects and city Houses by: Michael Carr, By Frits Beyer and Jacques Botha.

OB_Library (No need install) Animated Kite, FavelaX, Included Ortho.

Library required : MisterX Library   CDB Library  OpensceneryX Library  The Handy Objects Library 

Download Mega link Mogadishu XPLANE HCMM


flag-chile2x   Aeropuerto Cañal Bajo Carlos Hott Siebert SCJO Xplane

Osorno is one of the most active volcanoes of the southern Chilean.

Library required : MisterX Library   CDB Library  OpensceneryX Library  The Handy Objects Library   AR_Library

 More Info  Photos     Canãl Bajo Airport Wiki    

Airlines Latam/ Sky Airline.   Included Ortho

Download Mega Link Cañal Bajo Xplane SCJO


flag-chile2x Coihaique, Aeropuerto Teniente Vidal – SCCY Xplane

 Coyhaique has a very peculiar geography by the famous “Piedra del Indio” Indian stone.

No extra library required, Included Ortho.

Download Mega link Coihaique SCCY XPLANE


flag-chile2x  Aeropuerto de Balmaceda – SCBA XPlane

Library required : MisterX Library   CDB Library  OpensceneryX Library  The Handy Objects Library 

Included Ortho

Download Mega link Balmaceda SCBA XPLANE


flag-somalia2x  Somalia,  Kismayo International Airport HCMK, Xplane 

Bibliotecas Mister X/ OpensceneryX

Included Ortho

Download Mega Link  Kismayo X HCMK

flag-somalia2x  Somalia, Bosaso Internacional Bender Qassim, HCMF Xplane  

Library required : MisterX Library   CDB Library 

Included Ortho

Airlines and rotes

Air Djibouti    Djibouti
African Express Airways    Aden (suspended), Berbera, Galkayo, Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta, Wajir
African Airways Alliance    Hargeisa
Daallo Airlines    Dubai-International, Mogadishu
Jubba Airways    Dubai-International, Garowe, Hargeisa, Mogadishu

Somali Airlines Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera, Mogadishu.

Download Mega link HCMF Bosaso X


flag-somalia2x  Somalia, Hargeisa International Airport HCMH, Africa. Xplane 

Airlines and destinations
Ethiopian Airlines – Addis Ababa
flydubai    Dubai–Internationa

Somali AirLines – Hub on the route Mogadishu/Hargeysa/Dubai

Included Ortho

Library requirement  CDB Library  OpensceneryX

06/24    12,139f/3,700m    Paved Asphalt
Elevation AMSL    4,423 ft / 1,348 m

More info check  Hargeysa Airport,    Hargeysa photos

   Download Mega link Hargeisa HCMH X


 flag-brazil2x  Aeroporto de Chapecó Xplane SBCH 

Biblioteca obrigatória RE_Library/CDB_Library

Included Ortho

   Download Mega link Chapecó SBCH ortho X


flag-brazil2x Aeródromo de Brotas de Macaúbas – BA  SNKO Xplane

Bibliotecas: MisterX Library   CDB Library  The Handy Objects Library   AR_Library

 Included Ortho

Download Mega link Brotas de Macaúba SNKO X


flag-brazil2x Aeroclube de Piracicaba SDPW Xplane 

Bibliotecas : MisterX Library   CDB Library  OpensceneryX Library  The Handy Objects Library   AR_Library

Included Ortho

Download Mega link Piracicaba SDPW XPLANE


flag-chile2x  Aeropuerto Carriel Sur Internacional SCIE Xplane

Included Ortho + Autogates

Included OpensceneryXAR_Library

Download Mega link Carriel Sur SCIE Xplane


flag-brazil2x   Aeroporto Telemarco Borba SBTL Xplane

Included Ortho

 Download Mega link Telemarco Borba SBTL XPLANE


flag-chile2x Aeropuerto de Futalefú SCFT Xplane  

Download Mega link Futalefu SCFT XPLANE


  Aeropuerto Internacional Guarani SGES Xplane 

Included Ortho, opensceneryxAR_Library

Download Mega link Guarani SGES XPLANE


flag-chile2x Aeropuerto Mocopulli, Dalcahue SCPQ Xplane 

Library: AR_Lib / BS2001 lib

Download Mega link Mocopulli SCPQ XPLANE


flag-argentina2x Aeropuerto Internacional de Rosario Islas Malvinas SAAR XPLANE 

Library Included: Ortho + Autogates  CDB Library  OpensceneryX Library   AR_Library

Download Mega link Rosario SAAR Xplane


 flag-brazil2x      Aeroporto de Ituaçu – BA SNYT Xplane

  Bibliotecas:  MisterX Library   CDB Library  The Handy Objects Library   AR_Library

Download Mega link Ituaçu SNYT Xplane 


flag-brazil2x Aeroporto Regional Plínio Alarcon SBTG XPLANE (Exclusividade 3D Model Brasil)

Incluso Ortho e Bibliotecas obrigatórias   MisterX Library   CDB Library  OpensceneryX Library  The Handy Objects Library   AR_Library/RE_Lib/OpensceneryX/BS2001 lib

Download Mega Link Plinio Alarcon SBTG XPLANE


  flag-uruguay2x  Punta Del Este SULS Capitan Curbelo Internacional, Maldonado Xplane.

Included Ortho + Autogates/ AR_LibrarY, MisterX library, Opensceneryx,CDB Library.

Download Mega link  Capitan Curbelo SULS Xplane


flag-chile2x    La Araucanía SCQP  Xplane V3 (Exclusivo 3D Model Brasil)

Included ortho +AUTOGATES/ AR_library/openscenery!

Download Mega link La Araucania SCQP XPLANE V3


flag-ecuador2x Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal La Mar SECU XPLANE

Included Ortho openscenery/AR_Library

Download Mega link  Mariscal La Mar SECU XPlane


flag-somalia2x  Somalia, Berbera International Airport HCMI, Africa. Xplane 

– Included Ortho + 3 types of new hangar animated by SAM`S Plugin (Hangar20s)

Library Just Laminar and Costumize objects plus orthophoto 

Download Mega link Berbera Xplane HCMI


flag-somalia2x  Somalia, Galkaio International Airport HCMR, Africa. Xplane 

Library requirement  CDB Library

Included Ortho

Download Mega link Galkayo HCMR XPlane