Objects/Textures FSX P3D

Oil Plataform/Plataforma Petroleira  Plataforma

DownLoad Oil Plataform BGL/MDL  


FSX Objects and textures (missing Files) V1

A lot of my projects were done based on these objects and so part of the scenery may not appear.

I was able to gather most of the missing textures. It available here to anyone who needs the missing textures of the libraries.

If your FS is missing some textures and some objects don´t appear, there is a partial solution for most missing objects.

missing texture

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FSX/P3D  Lockheed Hercules C130 Gray static airplane model (MDL format)

Download Mega link C130 FSX/P3D

FSX/P3D Landable roof Hospital building (MDL format, Light effect, night texturized){3bde24f7-6f64-4a94-9ba4-ff7383a664af}_24.jpg

Download Mega link Hospital FSX/P3D

FSX/P3D Realistic Helipad (MDL format yellow or blue) DAE included, you can change colors{2f22653d-8593-4534-8ae1-527e3a0df87e}.jpg


Download Mega link Helipad FSX/P3D

FSX/P3D Texture for blue Tower Control (256×256 night mask included)twr textures.jpgDownload Mega Link TWR TEX Blue FSX/P3D


FSX/P3D 3 types of antennas (MDL format)

Download Mega link Antenna FSX/P3D


FSX/P3D Terminal Building Facade Texture (256×256 LM included)

TMA TEXDownload Mega link TMA tex FSX/P3D