3D Objects and Textures for Developers

Lockheed Hercules C130 Gray static airplane model (MDL format)

Download Mega link C130

Landable roof Hospital building (MDL format, Light effect, night texturized){3bde24f7-6f64-4a94-9ba4-ff7383a664af}_24.jpg

Download Mega link Hospital

Realistic Helipad (MDL format yellow or blue) DAE included, you can change colors{2f22653d-8593-4534-8ae1-527e3a0df87e}.jpg


Download Mega link Helipad

Texture for blue Tower Control (256×256 LM included)twr textures.jpgDownload Mega Link TWR TEX Blue


3 types of antennas (MDL format)

Download Mega link Antenna


Terminal Building Facade Texture (256×256 LM included)

TMA TEXDownload Mega link TMA tex