Animated 3D Objects and Textures for Developers

OB_Library V2.1 Xplane Download Mega

  • – Three types of antennas
  • – Water Tank
  • – 3D Cows
  • – Animated Skydiver modern parachute

Included 3 diferent variations of main parachute, colors and formation (1,2 or 3 skydivers)

  • – Moving Wind Blade (animated decorative wind sock)
  • – Animated Kite (kids toy without people, put your favorite person to play)
  • – Animated Hangar (fast opening and close door, elevator trim up/down without plugins)
  • – Animated panoramic elevator building
  • Buildings and Houses
  • FavelaX 
  • Control tower with animated radar on top  v1.7
  • Hangar Fast opening animated door and SAM`S Animated, Work together or individually (New) V1.8
  • Realistic Helipads Blue or Yellow (New)V1.8
  • 3 new types of hangar animated by SAM’S Plugin (New) V1.9
  • Animated skydiver better behavior V2.0 (New)
  • Use as any Library placing in your Custom scenery folder.V2.1(New)

Install: put the OB_Library folder inside your Custom scenery folder, open  WED or Overlay editor/ find the tipes of skydivers, antennas, Wind Blade, animated kite, cows…. into your scenery library and add as many as you want.

Important: Place OB_Library in your Custom scenery and Don´t forget to indicate as a required library.

The skydiver effect was looped so they never stop jumping.

The trajectory is vertical, different altitudes and descent speed then the position of the skydiver should be in the vertical of the Landing zone that you choose.


by Otávio Bonomi

The best youtube video of high perfomance parachute in my opinion, check out.

Favelas are types of buildings and simple houses very common in places like South America, Africa and Asia, generally constructed with recyclable materials or of easy access and low cost.
Combined with the Right Elements, create a very realistic environment.

In the demonstration photo I used Mister X’s Library Amazing Objects (Garbage container and trees) and Exceptionally Realistic People and Papua house from the CDB Library, to give me the effect I expect, in this case the Mogadishu scenery that I am developing.


Xplane Object – Complexo Mercosul com portas animadas pelo SAM Plugin

( selecione Hangar door 60s)

Download Mega Link Complexo Mercosul Animado XPlane

FSX/P3D  Lockheed Hercules C130 Gray static airplane model (MDL format)

Download Mega link C130 FSX/P3D

FSX/P3D Landable roof Hospital building (MDL format, Light effect, night texturized){3bde24f7-6f64-4a94-9ba4-ff7383a664af}_24.jpg

Download Mega link Hospital FSX/P3D

FSX/P3D Realistic Helipad (MDL format yellow or blue) DAE included, you can change colors{2f22653d-8593-4534-8ae1-527e3a0df87e}.jpg


Download Mega link Helipad FSX/P3D

FSX/P3D Texture for blue Tower Control (256×256 LM included)twr textures.jpgDownload Mega Link TWR TEX Blue FSX/P3D


FSX/P3D 3 types of antennas (MDL format)

Download Mega link Antenna FSX/P3D


FSX/P3D Terminal Building Facade Texture (256×256 LM included)

TMA TEXDownload Mega link TMA tex FSX/P3D