Somalia Xplane scenery

flag-somalia2x  Somalia, Hargeisa International Airport HCMH, Africa. Xplane 

Airlines and destinations
Ethiopian Airlines – Addis Ababa
flydubai    Dubai–Internationa

Somali AirLines – Hub on the route Mogadishu/Hargeysa/Dubai

Included Ortho

Library requirement  CDB Library  OpensceneryX

06/24    12,139f/3,700m    Paved Asphalt
Elevation AMSL    4,423 ft / 1,348 m

More info check  Hargeysa Airport,    Hargeysa photos

   Download Mega link Hargeisa HCMH X


flag-somalia2x  Somalia, Berbera International Airport HCMI, Africa. Xplane 

– Included Ortho + 3 types of new hangar animated by SAM`S Plugin (Hangar20s)

Library Just Laminar and Costumize objects plus orthophoto 

Download Mega link Berbera Xplane HCMI


flag-somalia2x  Somalia, Galkaio International Airport HCMR, Africa. Xplane 

Library requirement  CDB Library

Included Ortho

Download Mega link Galkayo HCMR XPlane


flag-somalia2x   Somalia,  Kismayo International Airport HCMK, Xplane 

Bibliotecas Mister X/ OpensceneryX

Included Ortho

Download Mega Link  Kismayo X HCMK


flag-somalia2x  Somalia, Bosaso Internacional Bender Qassim, HCMF Xplane  

Library required : MisterX Library   CDB Library

Included Ortho

Airlines and rotes

Air Djibouti    Djibouti
African Express Airways    Aden (suspended), Berbera, Galkayo, Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta, Wajir
African Airways Alliance    Hargeisa
Daallo Airlines    Dubai-International, Mogadishu
Jubba Airways    Dubai-International, Garowe, Hargeisa, Mogadishu

Somali Airlines Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera, Mogadishu.

Download Mega link HCMF Bosaso X


flag-somalia2x   Somalia,  Mogadishu Xplane Airport Aden Abdulle International HCMM

Included Old Terminal, Military Objects and city Houses by: Michael Carr, By Frits Beyer and Jacques Botha.

OB_Library (No need install) Animated Kite, FavelaX, Included Ortho.

Library required : MisterX Library   CDB Library  OpensceneryX Library  The Handy Objects Library

Download Mega link Mogadishu XPLANE HCMM

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