flag-peru2x    Cuzco Aeropuerto Internacional Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete SPZO

 Download Mega Link Cuzco SPZO FSX P3D

3 thoughts on “Peru FSX/P3D

    1. Hola Alfonso,
      Thanks for Cuzco,
      Unfortunately I’ve put Ushuaya on the list of the lowest priorities because I’ve seen a lot of good freeware material available from there.
      The main purpose of the SAA Project is to make freeware available at airports that are never found, even new or exotics in South America, Africa and elsewhere.
      If the Project revives, I’ll let you know.
      However, if you have any tips on airports that fit the proposal I can check if it is feasible.

      Nice Flight!



      1. i’m glad to learn this – though not so glad it’s discontinued. i’ve looked high and low since i ran across your brief comment in 2010 at

        you are right that there are several SAWH now. but don’t be too modest – the screenshots show that your modeling has always been vastly superior. i am in awe. and delight.



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