flag-argentina2x     P3D/FSX Aeropuerto de Rosario Internacional Islas Malvinas SAAR

flag-argentina2x  Download Mega Link Rosario FSX/P3D

5 thoughts on “Argentina FSX/P3D

  1. Hi, Thanks for the sceneries you provide for free! They are really awesome. Maybe you wont read this but, if you could create the scenery of “El Palomar” in Buenos aires, i’ll be forever greteful. This Airport is getting new airlines and destinies with Jetsmart and Fly bondi. IATA code SADP.
    Thanks again, regards!


    1. Hi Mario,
      I’m glad you liked it, I also liked the suggestion that you mentioned SADP, I’ll study if this project is viable and send news.
      I stopped for a moment with new projects because my focus is to update the old ones, starting with the Chile project, like the new versions of Balmaceda SCBA V2, Pichoy SCVD V3, Araucania SCQP V5 and Rosario SAAR will be updated soon.
      Good flights.


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